Adobe CC()用スクリプトパネル「ScripshonTrees」の特設ページです

A specially-installed page of Adobe CC() Extenshon "ScripshonTrees"


ScripshonTreesはAdobe CC用アプリケーション(Illustrator・PhotoShop・InDesign・After Effects・Premiere)のバージョン2014以降対応の完全な純正エクステンションのツリー状スクリプトパネルです。スクリプト修正できるビルドインエディタの機能も内蔵されています(編集前に大事なスクリプトのバックアップはお忘れなく)。インストールはコチラ→


Javascript, and other files can be run via Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere by a simple double-click. and Script can be edited by built-in editor.(Please save the script before editing.) and Only 'Illustrator' is function key correspondence(It depend on 'action')Installation is this→

version 1.28から1.33までの新機能



<Host Name="ILST" Version="18.0" />
<Host Name="PHXS" Version="15.0" />
<Host Name="PHSP" Version="15.0" />
<Host Name="IDSN" Version="10.0" />
<Host Name="AEFT" Version="13.0" />
<Host Name="PPRO" Version="8.0" />









  • 空文字で検索しない
  • 検索時はフォルダ構成は非表示
  • 大文字・小文字は無視
  • 正規表現検索も対応

New features from version 1.28 to 1.33

Set search field (1.33)

Both the revival of the horizontal scroll bar and the maximum size of the panel were on request, so if you really use the root, the number of scripts will not be enough. So what if you have a search field? You can also hide it as an option.

  • Do not search for empty characters
  • Folder structure is hidden when searching
  • Ignore upper and lower case letters
  • Supports regular expression search
  • jsxbin file is also executable (1.32)

    Set the maximum panel size to 3840x2160 (1.30)

    Compatible with CC 2014 or later (1.28)

    What a hell! As you may have wondered, I have stopped listing the upper limit, so I should be able to use it even if the version is upgraded with CC2020 or something like that (maybe).

    <!--Meaning of correspondence to major version 18 or later-->
    <Host Name="ILST" Version="18.0" />
    <Host Name="PHXS" Version="15.0" />
    <Host Name="PHSP" Version="15.0" />
    <Host Name="IDSN" Version="10.0" />
    <Host Name="AEFT" Version="13.0" />
    <Host Name="PPRO" Version="8.0" />

    What's new in version 1.27

    Resurrection of horizontal scroll bar

    Resumed the side scroll bar as requested by Adobe Add-ons review . I do not like the appearance position so much, but I really want to put it at the bottom of the panel.

    Insert tab of build in editor

    You can insert tabs with "Ctrl + Shift" when using the built-in editor. It is called tab or specified value space, but it was inserted in ESTK because it is a space.

    Bug fix around shortcut key setting

    It also supports languages other than Japanese and English versions. However, as for the file name, only Japanese and English names are supported as before.


    version 1.26の新機能










    version 1.24の新機能

    After Effectsに対応

    After Effectsに対応しました。他アプリと同じくバージョンCC2014からの使用となります。


    Illustrator・PhotoShop・InDesign・After EffectsのCC2014~2017までに対応しました。



    version 1.23の新機能





    What's new in version 1.26

    Corresponds to shortcut key setting(Illustrator and Photoshop only)

    Illustrator · Photoshop only, but now you can set shortcut keys. However, it is a function key (F2 to F12) + modifier key (Shift·Alt). By the way, Photoshop is a standard feature that allows you to set shortcut keys for scripts so you do not have to use it ....

    When setting the shortcut key in Illustrator, please let display the file menu at startup like the right gif image and recognize the script as a file menu.

    Restrictions on shortcut key setting
    File extension is ".jsx" only
    Japanese or English file name only
    Only script displayed in menu "Script"
    Illustrator, Photoshop only
    I can not do it unless the document is open(Illustrator)
    Only function keys can be set

    Add console to built-in editor function

    I made the build-in editor screen 2 pane and let out console(result) in the lower text area. Until now it was displayed with an alert and it seemed quite a good feeling, so it is unusual for usability to use!

    Compatible with Premiere

    It corresponds to Premiere. As with other applications, it will be used from version CC 2014.

    What's new in version 1.24

    Compatible with After Effects

    It corresponds to After Effects. As with other applications, it will be used from version CC 2014.

    Corresponding to CC2017

    It corresponds to CC 2014 - 2017 of Illustrator · PhotoShop · InDesign · After Effects.

    Suppress redrawing at script update

    Redrawing the panel at the time of updating is kept to the minimum necessary, and usability is improved.

    What's new in version 1.23

    Built-in editor function

    When you select a file and select "Edit with built-in editor" from the right-click menu, we added the function of built-in editor which makes ScripshonTrees panel as it is as script editor. It is also possible to test and run the script by modifying it as it is. There is no need to launch "ExtendScript" for minor modifications! You can change the font size by dong dong with the number of points in the upper right (Do not forget to backup important scripts before editing).

    Update scripts for each CC application activation

    The list of scripts is updated when each application becomes active! So, the function of 'reread script' in the panel menu has been deleted. It took me more time to reload and it became even more comfortable!



    InDesignにある純正のスクリプトパネルをIllustrator、PhotoShop、InDesign、After Effects、Premiereで実現したものです。純正エクステンションパネルなので、他のパネルとくっつけたりできます(下記画像はInDesign CC2015純正パネルとの比較)。


    Adobe Add-onsサイト上からのインストールとなります。Adobe Add-onsのScripshonTreesのページからインストールをして下さい(詳しいインストール方法に関してはこちらのブログ記事を参照)。





    starting method

    If you launch from the menu on each CC application from "Window"->"Extension"->"ScripshonTrees", the panel of ScripshonTrees will appear.

    Initial folder setting

    When launching, it refers to the default script folder for each application, and displays all the files in the folder in tree form. If it is not found, the folder selection screen will be displayed. It is also possible to change the initial folder from the panel menu .





    Adobe Illustrator CC2014以降
     Adobe PhotoShop CC2014以降
     Adobe InDesign CC2014以降
     Adobe After Effect CC2014以降
     Adobe Premiere CC2014以降


    How to run jsx script

    Execute javascript (extension: js · jsx · jsxinc) with file from the tree-like file list by double clicking or selecting "execute script" from right click (It judges by the extension). Other files, programs (exe), shortcuts (Macintosh: alias) perform the same same processing as "open" on the OS.

    Supported Applications

    Adobe Illustrator CC2014 ~
     Adobe PhotoShop CC2014 ~
     Adobe InDesign CC2014 ~
     Adobe After Effect CC2014 ~
     Adobe Premiere CC2014 ~

    All applications support the latest version as of May 25, 2019 (Windows · Macintosh version)